Thank you so much for coming out to my house and helping me to get ready for a TV interview. I could not have done it without your help. You not only helped to make my house look stunning...but you helped me work through a few meltdowns. Clutter makes me crazy...I was so overwhelmed...and time was running out. That equals meltdown. :) But you helped me through them. Thanks again. You rock. - Sandi Coast 

A week after moving into our new home, our twin girls were born five and ½ weeks early.  With most of our belongings still in boxes, we brought our girls home and the chaos ensued.  A friend of mine hired Candy to come help me organize our new home and it was perhaps the best gift I received. Candy exuded peace and confidence as she told me to rest with my babies and allow her to work.  Two years later, we continue to reap the benefits of Peace Within's visit!

          Real life changes, Real life people

The service was excellent! She had great ideas and was not opposed to getting her hands into cleaning out space as well. While I'was sorting she was dusting and communicating the whole time. I can't wait to have her back to help me
with other areas. "
-Jill Longo 

I asked Peace WIthin to help me with furniture arrangement in 2 rooms. Little did I know she would provide me with not only furniture arrangement, but aso how to set up FOUR rooms that make me so happy to go into! She seemed to know instantly how to make the rooms less cluttered, appear larger and gave them a flow they never had in the 16 years we have lived here. She made everything work together and worked with what I had. When she left I felt like I was living in a new home. She is a miracle worker, energetic, respectful and peaceful. Thank you so much for your kindness. - Janis

Thank you so much for offering "PEACE WITHIN".  Words cannot express how very grateful I am that you and your company came along and provided the services you did.  As you know, I was going through a very rough time in my life.  I had been a victim of assault and, in response, I shut down mentally, emotionally and yes, spiritually.  I literally let myself as well as my home go.  Because the attack  was in my home, I hated being there and could not find my peace.  When you offered your services, I just assumed you were another company that cleaned and organized.  However, I still remember walking back into my bedroom and breaking down because you transformed it from my self-made prison into a space where I could find my serenity and yes my peace.   Thank you for using the opportunity to organize my home, to really organize me from the inside out.  I will forever be in your debt. Blessings, Freedom & Power ! -Vanessa Hill


 I bought this for my mother in law and she had nothing but amazing things to say about this! She got so much accomplished and said the woman worked extremely hard the whole time she was there. - Brittney Ball

Peace Within provided a helping hand in making my

bedroom a place where I don't mind hanging out in. I now do my homework in a designated space instead of all over. I am also developing a "everything doesn't need to be ever-present" mindset--meaning, I no longer have every piece of jewelry on top of my dresser. All of my clothes are put away. We found separate homes for all the nail polishes, electronics, health and beauty needs,etc. They are all still in my bedroom, they a​​re just in their own designated drawers/storage boxes. Peace Within's ideas and visions for a space are invaluable techniques she doesn't mind passing on to the customer. I look forward to working with her in the future.      Sincerely, Marlo 

 "This HAS to be the BEST deal I have ever seen! And THAT is the LEAST I can say about this absolutely positively AMAZING AND ENLIGHTENING woman! She brings true peace and grace to everyone she touches in the world. Thank you!!" -Niki DiBattista
​Peace Within was great! My worst room is now organized and clean and usable! She is so caring and helpful. I will be able to continue with organizing the house thanks to her help. 
-Lisa Arnold